Other projects

A sampling of projects I’ve worked on over the years (with various collaborators) that don’t fit squarely in research or teaching categories. Some of these involve digital media production. Keeping up with trends in production is useful both in teaching and research, and my undergraduate degree in interactive media has been an asset in this regard.

InfoStructure Research Group and Speaker Series

(2009-2010). Co-organizer of the InfoStructure initiative, a grant-funded multidisciplinary effort to foster collaborative scholarship addressing the intersections of information technology and infrastructure.

Information Visualization for Communications Research

(2010). One of a series of experiments in applying visual research methods to critical media studies. Below is an attempt to apply principles of analytic design to convey causality within a multivariate information visualization.

Project BroadCAST

(2009). Website development for Project BroadCAST, a service-learning course that provided research on wireless technologies for policy makers and the general public in order to promote equitable and efficient use of spectrum resources. I participated in the course and created the site using the Drupal content management system.

Tribal Digital Village Community Wireless Project

(2008-10). Part of a research team that used documentary video production and ethnographic research methods to examine homegrown community wireless networks in rural areas. This research went into a chapter by Christian Sandvig in the edited volume Race After the Internet, for which I was also an editorial assistant.

Media and Cultural Studies Cloud

(2007). The goal was to create a nodal network that conceptually conveys various histories, linkages, and divergences among scholarly discourses within media and cultural studies. The project was developed using open-source digital media tools to create nonlinear link-based information hierarchies. Translation: make a wiki from scratch.

DVD Menu Concept using Flash [requires Flash plug-in]

(2007). DVD menu design concept for the film The Science of Sleep (MA project). Co-authored in Flash with designer Karen Wei.