Privacy Policy for my book, Profit Over Privacy

(I tried to sneak this into the print edition, but no luck.)

Privacy Policy for my book, Profit Over Privacy

In order to provide you with a more relevant reading experience based on your interests, this book may collect the following information:


This book uses none of the following technologies to capture your data: cookies, pixel tags, unique device identifiers, server logs, wifi access points, beacon sensors, or cell towers.

This book will not gather information about you from advertising platforms, app developers, web publishers, data brokers, retailers, credit bureaus, or public sources. Nor will this book share any information with trusted partners including marketing affiliates, security vendors, or law enforcement agencies.

You may request to be removed from this book’s consumer profile database, which does not exist, by mailing a hand-written note and photocopy of government-issued identification. All requests are subject to a $35 processing fee.

Please note that this privacy policy applies exclusively to print formats. If you are reading this on a networked device, all bets are off.